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Eyelash Extensions – What types of lashes I offer at the salon

Eyelashes- There are so may different types out there so what is the difference with them all. In this blog we’re going to go through each one and explain what each type is and who they are best for!

*Classic Lashes* (Also known as Semi Permanent Lashes and Individual Lashes) – Classic Lashes are where one individual lash is applied to one natural eyelash. They come in a range of lash lengths so you can choose the look you want and how ‘natural’ you want them to be! Classics can also look amazing on somebody with a lot of lashes

Who are they good for? – Perfect for those who want a natural lash look day to day or who want to just look like they have mascara on.


*Russian Volume Lashes* – Russian Volume Lashes are a fan of lashes applied to each natural lash. Each fan is created using up to 6 individual eyelashes. This creates much fuller, fluffier eyelashes. One question I always get asked is will they feel heavy on my eyes? The answer is that even though there are 6 lashes applied to each lash they are perfectly safe for the natural lashes. This is because the Russian lashes are completely weightless. In fact they are thinner in diameter than a human hair! In comparison 1 Classic lash is the same weight as a Russian volume fan. This is why you can apply so many to one lash.  When I am deciding on what lashes to use your own lash health will always be taken in to account. So if you have thick healthy lashes I can apply a bigger fan. If your lashes are thin then I will apply a fan with less lashes in it, meaning it weighs even less. I will never apply lashes that I think are too heavy for your natural lash. I will advise you which I think are best at the start of your appointment.

Who are they good for? – Perfect for those who want a fuller, more dramatic look.

*Hybrid Lashes* – Hybrid Lashes are a mixture of Classic lashes and Russian Volume fans. They are the middle ground between Classic and Russian Volume Lashes. There are a few different styles that can be achieved with this type of lash

Who are they good for? – Perfect for those who want lashes that are more fuller look than Classic lashes gives you. But not quite as dramatic as a full set of volume lashes. They are ideal is you want that wispy eyelash look. Or the ‘Kim k’ spiky look that is bang on trend at the moment.


I hope this basic guide has given you an idea to what each type of eyelash look is and who it suits best. Through consultation we can determine which style is best for your lifestyle, eye shape and your natural lashes. Every lash style can be personalised for the look that you want.  If you have any questions about anything to do with eyelash extensions please drop me a message or a phone call!


Lucy xxx