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Acrylic Nail Extensions


If you are struggling to grow your own nails or are very hard on your nails then acrylic nail extensions are for you. Lucy is trained with NSI and only uses their acrylic system. They are the leading brand in the acrylic nail industry, guaranteeing beautiful nail extensions every time!

Acrylic Full Set – £33.00

Infill – £28.00

Acrylic removal – from £15.00

(please note this price is for the removal of nails done by us, the price for nails that have been done elsewhere can vary, please enquire)


Looking After your Acrylic Nail Extensions

Always wear rubber gloves when washing up, using any sort of cleaning product or when gardening.

Keep your cuticles soft by applying cuticle oil or hand cream daily.

If removing polish from your Acrylic Nail Extension use non acetone polish remover.

If you break a nail or if a nail begins to lift don’t try to fix it yourself. Glueing down a nail can cause moisture and bacteria to be trapped and could cause an infection

Always have your nail extensions removed by a professional to avoid damaging the nails and nailbed.

Don’t go over the infill time recommended by your nail technician. This can cause nails to grow too long and become damaged.