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Builder in a Bottle – My new favourite nail product!

On Monday I posted a video all about my new favourite nail product – Builder in a Bottle (aka B.I.A.B).

Many of you have already tried it and your nails are saying it all. There longer and stronger! So what is Builder in a Bottle? How does it work and who is it for? Also scroll down to view some before and after pics!


What is it?

Builder in a Bottle is a hard gel and is made to act as a super strong base for nails. Your normal gel colour is a gel polish which is made to last between 2-3 weeks before being redone. The purpose of Builder in a Bottle is to stay on the nails pretty much until it is soaked off, making the natural nails super strong!

Who is Builder in a Bottle for?

*Everyone! The vast majority of us have weak or splitting nails. How annoying is it when you grow your nails to the perfect length and then one of them splits in the side! Well this is what B.I.A.B is perfect for.

*Nail biters. The thicker layer it adds to nails makes them very difficult to be bitten through preventing those nails from being nibbled!

*If you want to achieve longer length – The added strength allows for nails to grow to the desired length without any breaks or snaps

*Acrylic nail ladies – If you have always had acrylic maybe now is the time to try something more natural. Many of you want to swap over to gel but feel like you will miss the strength that acrylic gives to your nails. With B.I.A.B you can easily swap over. Of course it doesn’t give you immediate longer nails but within a few weeks you will be surprised by how much they grow! In fact some of my acrylic ladies who have had B.I.A.B on for the past 8 weeks have found their natural nails are now the same length as what their acrylic nails were!

How is Builder in a Bottle applied?

B.I.A.B is applied underneath your gel polish. The builder gel is applied first, set and filed. Then your gel colour is applied over the top. You will then return every 3 weeks where the B.I.A.B is infilled and fresh colour applied over the top. Simple!

How do I look after my Builder in a Bottle?

Aftercare is very similar to your normal gel polish.

*Wear gloves when washing up or cleaning (harsh chemicals can break down the gel)

*Use your nails as jewels not tools! Don’t use them to open things.

How Much is it and how long does it take?

Builder in a Bottle is£27 and takes 45 minutes to apply.