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HD Brows

HD Brows 

HD Brows is the number 1 brow treatment that has taken the world by storm! This is why i am so excited to be offering it at my Rochdale salon!

HD Brows uses a 7 step process that can transform even the most over plucked and unruly brows into perfectly arched brows bespoke to your face and features

Your treatment will begin with an in-depth consultation with your HD Brows stylist where you will discuss the look you are hoping to achieve.

From there colour will be applied to your brows to dye them, we then use a brow mapping formula to measure out and design your brows. A number of hair removal techniques will then be used to create your new brow! Finally we will finish your brows using a small amount of makeup. We will show you how to use this to maintain your look. HD Brows pencils and palettes are available to buy in the salon.

If there is not enough hair to achieve the HD look straight away we will put you on a regrowth programme that will help you achieve your perfect brows in no time!

Check out our gallery below!


Frequently asked questions about high definition brows


How long does it take?  The treatment normally takes about 30 minutes

How long does the treatment last? The effects of the treatment last between 4-6 weeks, however this can vary depending on your hair growth.

I have over plucked my brows can I still have the treatment done? Yes! Your HD stylist will show you exactly what areas need to regrow and put you on a ‘regrowth program’ to help you achieve your perfect brow. In the meantime, you can ‘fake it until you make it’ with a HD Brow eyebrow palettes or pencils.

How much does the treatment cost? HD Brows costs £25