LVL Lash Lift



LVL Lash lift creates length volume and lift to your own natural lashes. With LVL there is no need for mascara, no lash extensions are added and once the treatment has been done there is no maintenance required! It couldn’t be any easier!

Not everyone has the time for regular lash extension appointments, if this is you then LVL is the perfect alternative! It is the perfect way to enhance your own lashes whether they are long, thick, short or sparse. This treatment creates the look of longer, fuller eyelashes which in turn lifts and opens up the eye area.  Also included is a complimentary lash tint so you don’t even have to apply mascara. Saving you precious time during your morning routine!

How long does LVL Last for

The effects of LVL last for up to 6 weeks

Can I still wear mascara with an LVL lash lift?

LVL includes a complimentary lash tint at the end of the treatment which creates a mascara effect on the lashes. Some ladies still like to add mascara to their LVL lashes which will enhance the results even more! This is completely safe to do so but you must wait 24 hours after having the treatment done before you can apply mascara.


What is the aftercare with an LVL Lash Lift

For the first 48 hours after having an LVL I recommend you don’t get the lashes wet. Lashes need 24 hours to fully lock in to place after treatment and water can make the lash lift drop. I also advise you avoid any heat for 24 hours such as a sunbed/sauna. Once the 24 hour period has passed there is no maintenance so you can continue to swim,shower, use a sauna,sunbed or mascara as normal!


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The service Lucy provided put me at my ease, I felt very comfortable from initial assessment to the actual microblading appointment, the aftercare appointment was excellent too. My eyebrows have given me my confidence back, thank you Lucy I would encourage anyone thinking of having microblading to go to Lucy, you’ll not be disappointed excellent service and care 🤗

Margo - Google Review

I have been having my eyebrows done with Lucy for around 3 years and cannot recommended her highly enough. She is honest and professional, friendly and welcoming and the the salon has such a lovely atmosphere. I would never go anywhere else!

Angela - Google review

Lovely place to visit. Lucy is brilliant to deal with, listens to your requirements but also gives advice, which is very useful as sometimes as you wouldn’t think of some of the ideas and they could be better. She knows what she’s talking about and doing so makes it easy to trust her judgement and not worry about the results. Would definitely recommend.

Michelle - Google Review

I have gone from having absolutely no eyebrows and having to spend time everyday pencilling them in, to being able to get up and not think about them at all, it has completely changed my face, saved me lots of time and I absolutely love them. Thank you, Lucy, true professional!

Barbara - Google Review