Powder Brow

Powder Brow – This look is created by shading pixels into the brow shape using a machine. This creates a borderless appearance with no sharp lines. This can be completely personalised to the look you want – from a natural wash of colour to a more intense brow if you are used to a heavy makeup look. Powder Brow is also a good option if you want to cover up old Semi Permanent Makeup. Powder brows can look darker and more intense to begin with but heal super natural over the 6 week healing period.

This appointment is done in 2 parts- Your first initial appointment, you will then return 6 weeks later for your top up appointment.

All Powder Brow appointments start with a 20 minute consultation. During this appointment we can discuss what look you want and what option is best for you, we will also choose your colour and apply your patch test. During this appointment I will measure your eyebrows and draw them in to give you an idea of what they will look like when they are finished.

Lucy has trained intensely with some of the best in the industry to ensure that she is well equipped with the knowledge and skill to create you realistic eyebrows. She has also spent hours practicing and perfecting her skills both in the training room and in the salon. As apart of her training Lucy has had to pass a number of theory exams with the latest one being her Level 4 assessment. This makes her one of a small number to have this qualification. Alongside this she has had to create an extensive portfolio of work to enable her to pass  her assessments and become qualified.

As you would expect Lucy is fully qualified, insured and licensed by Rochdale Council. So you can be confident you are in good and clean hands!

Powder Brow
Powder Brow
Powder Brow
I'm scared my brows will be too dark or bold!

Everyone has this worry! Powder brows always look dark and bold to begin with, even with the lighter colours, the immediate result will heal 30% lighter over the next 6 weeks. Powder Brows can be as light and natural as you choose, or as dark and bold as you like!

Does Brow Shading hurt?

No,  Before the treatment begins the brow area is numbed and also re-numbed numerous times whilst the shading is being done. The needles are super fine so cause minimal discomfort

I have old Semi Permanent Makeup, Can Powder Brow cover it up?

Powder Brow is a good way of covering up old Semi Permanent Makeup, this being said it depends how much old pigment is still in the skin. Having a consultation with Lucy is the best way to establish which is the best course of action for you and your eyebrows! Please note that prices can vary for cover up work depending on how much work is required.


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The service Lucy provided put me at my ease, I felt very comfortable from initial assessment to the actual microblading appointment, the aftercare appointment was excellent too. My eyebrows have given me my confidence back, thank you Lucy I would encourage anyone thinking of having microblading to go to Lucy, you’ll not be disappointed excellent service and care 🤗

Margo - Google Review

I have been having my eyebrows done with Lucy for around 3 years and cannot recommended her highly enough. She is honest and professional, friendly and welcoming and the the salon has such a lovely atmosphere. I would never go anywhere else!

Angela - Google review

Lovely place to visit. Lucy is brilliant to deal with, listens to your requirements but also gives advice, which is very useful as sometimes as you wouldn’t think of some of the ideas and they could be better. She knows what she’s talking about and doing so makes it easy to trust her judgement and not worry about the results. Would definitely recommend.

Michelle - Google Review

I have gone from having absolutely no eyebrows and having to spend time everyday pencilling them in, to being able to get up and not think about them at all, it has completely changed my face, saved me lots of time and I absolutely love them. Thank you, Lucy, true professional!

Barbara - Google Review